Interwood in Islamabad with their new catalog of Lifewares 2017.


Interwood launched their flagship store in Islamabad; it is located near I-9 Police Station of Sector I-9. On the same day they launched their newly developed Lifewares 2017 catalog.

Store of I-9 Islamabad is spreading over four floors is superbly designed and also designated with different sections (i-e: houses Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Kids Furniture, Laminate Flooring, Kitchens, Doors, Wardrobes and Home Accessories).

No doubt Lifewares, Interwood furniture brand is growing to one of the leading home furniture stores in our country. They are offering a very unique spectrum of home décor items for both indoors and outdoors. Moreover I liked their bed set collections and also décor items; I am in love of these mentioned in this catalog, sharing few.

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As soon as Islamabad people heard about that launch they came in huge numbers to witness Interwood’s catalog and store at I-9, which also ensures that everyone was eagerly waiting for this to happen in their own city. Locals took interest in Lifewares 2017 catalog because that catalog has all information regarding room setups décor placement, price range and color options through clear and elaborate master shots, which, in turn, makes customer decisions a breeze.




Few days back I got an information whether about an opportunity for a Second Year Undergraduate students. I was stunned on that information, because I was bit jealous with them. Was thinking that why not that opportunity for us while we were studying undergraduate level in universities. Nevertheless a wonderful opportunity for all who are studying in second year at any Pakistani university they can apply.


I believe INKOMPASS will provide you opportunities to learn from their leadership and managers exclusively, this internship will also provide you many opportunities to collaborate your work with their top tier. You can be a good entrepreneur after getting a chance to meet one of the top entrepreneurs, this opportunity will groom your entrepreneurial thoughts too. CommunicationAgility  are other add on which will you be graced during this best internship ever. No doubt this internship will provide you an opportunity to become an impact person  and also provides you an opportunity to lead your career and other things. 

InKompass is a an internship program which consists of 2 cycles. So the same recruited interns would get a chance to intern at the same place twice. This program is specially tailored for those students who are in their 2nd year of undergraduate studies.

What to expect from this program? Lots of learning, challenges, fun and you even have a chance to fly internationally. Apart from the rigorous training and discovering yourself, you not only take the experience of a lifetime but the internship pays well too.

What makes it different than rest of the program? I remember when I was in grad school, students would usually get a chance of internship in their 3rd year of graduation. This program sets you apart from rest of your fellow batchmates. You not only get exposure of a professional life when everybody else is still learning theories at school while you get to practice them first hand. Apart from that, in your 3rd year you’re eligible for another internship (or for the 2nd cycle as they call it).

How does that benefit you as a student? Once you have done your internships, you are still at an advantage. Not to forget there’s always a chance of getting a job offer if you have proven yourself at your internship cycles.

If you have some Questions in the mind, here you can have few answers from here:


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If you want to apply for this great opportunity do visit their website