Karachi Literature Festival in London, Celebrated 70 years of Pakistan


Heard about Karachi Literature Festival and then Islamabad Literature Festival, was an appreciable efforts by the founders of these literature festivals in the country with superb recipe of literate people under one roof for 3 days each at Karachi and Islamabad.

This year they (Karachi Literature Festival) go beyond boundaries of Pakistan and went over LONDON. Celebrating contemporary Pakistan and its rich history and culture in the context of the 70th anniversary of the country’s foundation, the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) held at the Royal Festival Hall of the Southbank Centre, as a part of their annual festival Alchemy, was a resounding success. Dubbed as Pakistan’s biggest literary event, the KLF brought together writers, scholars, and artists from diverse backgrounds, creative traditions, and academic disciplines to showcase contemporary Pakistani literature and writers. Produced by Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan, KLF was organized in collaboration with the Southbank Centre, Bloomsbury Pakistan (a research collective based in London), and Rukhsana Ahmed.

In Karachi and Islamabad it was jam packed sessions for all three days, but response of audience at KLF London was surprisingly superb as tickets were sold out way before the event dates. The audiences at the KLF were treated to a medley of around 20 parallel sessions encompassing talks, panel discussions, poetry readings, mushaira, and performances. A stellar cast of around 70 leading Pakistani-origin and international writers, scholars, critics, journalists, and artists participated in stimulating sessions covering a broad range of themes, ideas, and subjects pertaining to Pakistan’s literature, arts, and culture. A separate strand for children which included an immersive theatre piece by Jungly Jadoogars; an animated film by the artist Fauzia Minallah; storytelling by the children’s author, Shahbano Bilgrami; and sing-along songs by the veteran Pakistani musician, Khaled Anam, were also a part of the festival.

KLF London started off with the renowned novelist and journalist, Mohammed Hanif’s keynote address giving unique insights into Pakistan’s history, hopes, and dilemmas.

During festival opening, Ameena Saiyid (KLF & Islamabad Literature Festival Founder and Director), Asif Farrukhi (KLF and Islamabad Literature Festival Founder), and Adrian Mellor (Managing Director, Asia Education, OUP) welcomed the guests and speakers. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK, Syed Ibn Abbas also spoke on the occasion.

Some of the sessions held early on in the day included ‘Transphobia and Misogyny’, a discussion on legislations around transgender and women in Pakistan; ‘Reluctant Returners: Migrants, Refugees and Memories of the Homeland’ in which Kamila Shamsie, Qaisra Shahraz, and Mirza Waheed explored characters and fictions inspired by exile and displacement; and ‘Pakistani Renaissance?

The Best in Cinema, Reportage, Theatre and Fashion’ with the television actor Atiqa Odho, filmmaker Faris Kermani, designer Maheen Khan, and journalist Cyril Almeida as speakers of the session.

Taimur Rahman, Moni Mohsin, and H. M. Naqvi weighed up the challenge of portraying Pakistan’s gender and class divide in the session ‘Blaming the Elite: Class, Greed, and Gender in Contemporary Pakistan’. Educationists, entrepreneurs, and experts including Farid Panjwani, Ahmereen Reza, Mona Kasuri, and Ameena Saiyid were part of a stimulating panel discussion titled ‘Madrassas and Montessoris: Are Private Schools Keeping Madrassas at Bay?’ moderated by Nigham Shahid.

In a panel discussion titled ‘Against All Odds: The Price of Prosperity in Pakistan Today’ held later in the day, Shuja Nawaz, Maleeha Lodhi, Ishrat Husain, and Victoria Schofield analyzed geopolitical and internal challenges facing Pakistan. In the session ‘Urdu ki Zid Mai: At Loggerheads: Urdu vs English vs Regional Languages’ Basir Kazmi, Ishrat Afreen, and Harris Khalique, and Asif Farrukhi discussed if Urdu in Pakistan is under threat from English or the regional languages.

The evening sessions comprised thought-provoking discourses on ‘Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: Diaspora Pakistanis Caught in Post Brexit Hate-Storm’, with Ziauddin Sardar, Farooq Bajwa, and Iftikhar Malik debating the challenges faced by Pakistani diaspora in Europe; ‘Karachi: City of Lights and Gangs’ with Laurent Gayer, Nichola Khan, Mohammed Hanif, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Omar Shahid Hamid, and Kamran Asdar Ali talking about the battle for Karachi and its resilience despite political conflicts; and ‘Tweeting for Social Change: How Social Media is Influencing the Political Scene’ in which Huma Yusuf,  Umber Khairi, and Umair Javed discussed the impact of social media on Pakistan’s political scene.

The highlight of the festival was the ‘Satrangi Mushaira’, which was an open mic session for Pakistan’s regional language poets to recite their latest offerings. Another session ‘In Their Own Words: Writers and Poets from Pakistan’, moderated by Muneeza Shamsie, featured poetry and prose readings by writers of Pakistani origin including Imtiaz Dharker, Aamer Hussein, and Zaffar Kunial. In ‘Partition Stories’ Nimra Bucha, Vayu Naidu, Shayma Saiyid, Amrit Kaur Lohia, and Sarah Ansari presented a medley of readings, film clips, recitals, dance and poetry about the Partition of India.

The evening came to a close by a kathak dance performance by Shayma Saiyid and a music concert by Khumariyaan, a Peshawar-based music band known for their fusion brand of Pashtun folk music.

Sponsorship support to the KLF London was provided by Bestway, Arts Council England, Third World Quarterly magazine, Salt n Pepper restaurant, High Commission of Pakistan in London, South Asia Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, and The Pakistan Society.

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Pics Courtesy-Oxford University Press/KLF-London

World Oral Health Day celebrated by Shield Pakistan

World Oral Health Day was celebrated in Pakistan by various organizations and Shield Pakistan is one of them, who celebrated it in a different way. They established free clinics at 47 different locations across the Pakistan, Where visitors had their free dental check-ups. Free dental healthcare clinics were an appreciable effort by Shield Pakistan and respective Hospitals across Pakistan.

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The Brushing Activity  at Baqai Medical University Karachi to attempt for a National Record.

They (Shield Pakistan) also organized an awareness seminar at Karachi Club on 24th of March, in which a huge number of participants from various fields of life were present.

Oral Health Awareness Seminar

About World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day is celebrated globally every year on 20 March and is organized by FDI World Dental Federation. World Oral Health Day was launched in 2013 to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and its significance in safeguarding general health and well-being. This is done through an international awareness campaign created and launched by FDI World Dental Federation, adapted and promoted locally by national dental associations in over 140 countries worldwide.

History of World Oral Health Day

WOHD was officially launched in 2007 and was originally celebrated on 12 September, the birth date of FDI founder Dr Charles Godon. However, the campaign was not fully activated until 2013, when further to a decision by FDI’s General Assembly (governing body) in September 2012 the date was changed to 20 March. The main reason for this was being to avoid conflict with FDI’s World Dental Congress which took place during the same per

The new date was chosen to reflect that:

  • Seniors must have a total of 20 natural teeth at the end of their life to be considered healthy
  • Children should possess 20 baby teeth
  • Healthy adults must have a total of 32 teeth and 0 dental cavities
  • Expressed on a numerical basis this can be translated as 3/20 hence March 20

#ShieldYourSmile is a major step towards providing people awareness about their oral health and issues related to dental care. These are the few tips to brush your teeth:

1.   Brush your teeth twice a day.

2.   Replace your toothbrush regularly.

3.   Practice good technique to brush your teeth.

4.   Spend at least 3 minutes while brushing. Don’t ignore the inside upper & lower teeth.

5.   Use fluoride toothpaste (helps remove plaque).

6.   Rinse out your mouth and your tooth brush in the end.


Not only oral health benefit us socially and help us in other things such as our careers and relationships, but it also has many more practical benefits. Visiting your dentist every 6 months is always essential to keep your mouth healthy.

Globally, between 60–90% of schoolchildren and nearly 100% adults have tooth decay, often leading to pain and discomfort.

Oral disease affects 3.9 billion people worldwide with untreated tooth decay impacting almost half of the world’s population.

I am Karachi day adds colors to Karachi


I Am Karachi presented, the first ever I AM KARACHI Awards to honor the contribution of the city’s dedicated and unrecognized heroes at Frere Hall on the occasion of the second official I AM Karachi Day on March 26th 2016.

The inaugural I AM KARACHI AWARDS have established themselves as the only civic responsibility and diversity awards exclusively for residents of the city. I AM KARACHI Awards recognize visionary individuals who have shown inspirational resilience, hope, pride and determination.

The award function was headlined by a spell binding rock-symphonic version of the national anthem by Sounds of Kolachi with the talented youth of Karachi. Award winning pop stars Sara Haider, Zoe Viccaji and traditional singers were also showcased at the event.

President of IAMKARACHI Jameel Yusuf S.St, described IAM KARACHI DAY as a “celebration of the success of the city’s resilient spirit” and announced that the awards will be given out throughout the course of the year.

I AM KARACHI DAY ceremonies were hosted by Karachi icons Deepak Perwani and Atiya Khan who discussed the necessity of a diverse culture in a mega-city like Karachi. This was followed by Vice President of Society for I AM KARACHI, Mr. Amin Hashwani who announced the official launch ofa city wide I AM KARACHI Sports Festival that will begin next month. Founding member Ms. Rumana Hussain also announced the launch of a new wave of I AM KARACHI ‘Walls of Peace’ – where young artists cover hateful graffiti with their artistic creations to reclaim public space.

In an unprecedented display of support academics, business leaders and celebrities attended the function to show their love to the city and those honored. Awards were distributed by notable figures including: Ronak Lakhani, Zubaida Mustafa, Talat Hussain, Ishrat Hussain and Fuzon.

The event was a grand equalizer with citizens from all areas and strata uniting to mark the occasion, as could be seen in a visualization activity where residents of Karachi could mark their homes on a giant map.

Commissioner Karachi Asif Hyder Shah praised spirit of citizenship and said only if the citizens of Karachi will stand united, only then there is there hope for a prosperous Sindh and eventually a flourishing Pakistan.

The celebration follows a ‘Karachi Matters Week’ drive to boost citizen participation conducted across the city. Partners of IAK and volunteer groups had conducted over thirty workshops, art projects, and social innovation activities to encourage thoughtful dialogue for a unified social outlook in various neighborhoods.

IAMKARACHIDAY is a celebration of the city and part of a larger city-wide movement that aims to inculcate hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi by reclaiming public spaces through sports, arts, culture and dialogues.

The event was managed and executed by Polaris with PR & Social Media by Mindmap Communications.


Kaifi’s story is one of overcoming adversity through hope and passion. Hailing from Lyari, Kaifi used his passion for music to block out the negativity surrounding him. He grew up taking care of himself and found solace in music.Along the way he was introduced to Nida Butt and Hamza Jaffri’s MAD School, where he received formal musical training free of cost from renowned musicians.


Sohail Khan is a young change maker from Bengali Para in Korangi who founded a school in his neighborhood after noticing a lack of access to quality education for children in the area. Upon realizing that most people in his area were sending their children to work for daily wages he took matters into his own hands. His school now enrolls over 100 children from Bengali Para. He runs the institution along with continuing his own studies.


Having contracted polio as a young boy, Imran felt his exclusion acutely. He was unable to study past elementary school because there were no provisions to make movement easier for disabled students. In 2007 Imran bought a rickshaw and made modifications to it in order to be able to drive it commercially. His work led him to get in touch with the Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities, where he is now part of The Rickshaw Project as a supervisor. With The Rickshaw Project Imran became part of a team that trained individuals with disabilities as rickshaw drivers, helping them apply for commercial licenses.


Mahira is well known throughout Lyari for her courage and resilience. She began to provide tuitions to girls in her community, tutoring them until they were ready to enroll in formal schools. She spent four years of savings, to set up a tuition center for girls and then went on to her next goal: a café for women in an area where community spaces for women were mostly unheard of. Her efforts resulted in her receiving threats from various gangs and political parties in Lyari, but Mahira refused to cow down in the face of intimidation. She not only created a community space for women, but also ensured that it thrives. In 2013,Mahira founded Woman is a Nation, an organization which focuses on women’s education with the larger aim of providing civic knowledge, skills and opportunities for women to become positive influencers in their community.


The man behind Super Savari Express is Atif bin Arif, who noticed the city’s residents had become woefully unaware of the rich and diverse cultural heritage it possesses. He began the guided tour which aims to display the city’s diversity, stopping at temples, churches, and mosques belonging to minority groups in the city, as well as other historical sites and cultural institutions. Gaining access to these, however, was not easy. In this climate of fear and insecurity, Atif had to knock on various doors to in order to get the necessary permissions required for the citizens of Karachi to experience their own city.


She isn’t just a teacher for the children who attend the Kiran School in Lyari, but also a mentor and a parent figure for these children, championing their potential to be high achievers. Established in 2006, the Kiran School enrolls bright young minds from Lyari, preparing them for admission to prestigious schools in the city. Her work is not limited to just educating the children. While the mornings are reserved for children, in the evenings Sabina conducts classes for their mothers, going through material their children will be taught so that they are able to help with homework. Her philosophy is that if the children of Lyari are able to gain access to better opportunities and education, they will be able to improve their own circumstances.









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5H3A5413 (1).JPG

Power of Social Media

Few years ago, we all were remained isolated from this social media thing. Once it came in the existence , it emerged as a new market or medium for masses to interact. Few took it as a negative and got negative out of it, but some of them took this as a positive initiative for their positive work, and made this tool very useful for them.

Power of Social Media

Last Year I have created a WhatsApp group called “Rotaract Leaders” . During initial periods it was only the group where Rotaractors of the world are being added by me and chit chat started by the fellow Rotaractors, but after few months this group became very active by the induction few energetic Rotaractors around the world.

Rotaract Leaders

Now this group will lead the Grand Rotaract Project , which will be none bigger than Rotary Polio Initiatives. We are planning to have a clean-up drive to make this environment a clean, safe & healthy for we all , who are living in it. Meanwhile I got the partner for this project a Rotaractor from Rotaract Club of Thane Green City Deepika S. Shetty. Now we are 40 clubs around the world on board and still counting. Time will come when our rotary & Rotaract will take it as a Grand Rotaract Project.

here is the list of those clubs who are with us:

1. Rotaract Club of Larkana RID 3271 Pakistan (Host Club)
2. RAC Thane Green City RID 3140 India  (Host Club) 

3. RAC Multimedia University RID 9212 Kenya
4. RAC IoBM RID 3271 Pakistan
5. RAC Nawabshah KnighRiders RID 3271 Pakistan
6. RAC Jhang Saddar RID 3272 Pakistan
7. RAC Abbotabad RID 3272 Pakistan
8. RAC Andheri RID 3140 India
9. RAC Jukat RID 9212 Kenya
10. RAC Soaring Monks RID 3180 India
11. RAC Harare West RID Zimbabwe
12. RAC Ekiti State University RID 9125
13. RAC Kolhapur RID 3170 India
14. RAC Bangalore Jayanagar RID 3190 India
15. RAC Hyderabad 3271 Pakistan
16. RAC Federal University of Technology Oweri RID 9140 Nigeria
17. RAC Khairpur RID3271 Pakistan
18. RAC Grand Cayman, RID 7020, Cayman Islands
19. RAC Khairpur Green City RID 3271 Pakistan.
20. RAC Egbeda D9110 Nigeria
21. RAC Nipani RID 3170
22. Rac hupari dist 3170 india
23. RAC El Progreso D-4250 Honduras
24. RAC belize city. Dist 4250
25. RAC Guatemala Sur D4250
26. RAC Mapusa -(Goa) RID 3170 InDIA
27. Rotaract benque viejo rid 4250
28. RAC SGI ( Kolhapur India)
29. RAC chikodi RID 3170
30. RAC kumta 3170
31. RAC Panjim (Goa) RID 3170 INDIA
32. RAC Curchorem Sanvordem (goa) RID 3170 INDIA
33. RAC Kolhapur Midtown Phoenix Rid 3170 India
34. RAC Venugram, Belgaum RID 3170 India
35. RAC San Pedro Sula, Honduras D-4250
36. RAC mangalam RID- 3202 ,Tamilnadu
37. RAC Buxar – RID 3250
38.RAC mohali ,RID 3080

39. RAC Badulla 3220 Srilanka


Rtr Hamadullah Sohu


Summit Cover

Dear friends,

Warm and Humble Rotaract Greetings!!!
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you at Rotaract South East Asia Summit 2015. It is going to be held in the laps of himalayas
Details of RSEA Summit 2015 are as below:
Dates: 11,12,13 September 2015 Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Venue: Meghavan Resorts, Macleodganj, Dharmshala (Himachal Pradesh) India
This 3day/2nights event includes 2-3 Business Sessions, Panel discussion on Rotaract, Mr & Miss Summit Contest, morning meditation and yoga session, Cultural evenings, DJ Nite, Rotaract market & a lots more.
Summit focus is to get all Rotaractors on one platform where they can brainstorm great ideas that strengthen ‘Rotaract movement’ in South Asia all together and where they can meet the galaxy of DRRs, IPDRRs and PDRRs from different districts, where they can plan projects which can be part of the changing world, where they can relax and have a fun break.
Registrations slabs:
Rotaractors/ Interactors/ Rotarians:
15th July to 7th Aug – INR 3700/-
8th August to 25th August – INR 4200/-
26st August to 5th Sept – INR 4500/-
Spot Registration – INR 5000/-
Couples – INR 7800/- flat rate
Single Day Registration : Rs1800/-
Do not miss this excellent opportunity of immense fun and relaxation and a platform where your ideas can bring a change. ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENT MEMBERS TO REGISTER IN EARLY SLABS.
Please deposit the registration amount with the following bank account:
Bank Details for Registrations
A/c Name – District Rotaract Organization 3070
A/c Number – 1549000105176742
Bank Name – Punjab National Bank
Branch – Defence Colony, Jalandhar
IFSC code –  PUNB0154900
Please send the jpg of bank receipt of amount deposited to confirm your registrations and by this online registration form.
Click here to register yourself
For any queries regarding registrations, please get in touch
Waiting to see u at dharamshsla to strengthen our friendship.
.Host districts : RID 3070 & 3292
Register Now
Pakistani friends can contact
R.I.District 3271
Pakistan to venue via Wagha
Pakistan to Venue via Wagha