Tang is celebrating Mothers Day in creative way


With Mother’s Day round the corner, a lot of people start looking at different opportunities on how appreciate their mothers or a way to express their love. Similarly brands try to devise campaigns which wrap around this occasion to develop an association with Mothers as they play a key role as consumers or influencers.

Usually what happens around occasions such as this an average consumer is not able to relate to celebrating these occasions as there is no engagement or gratification, in order to enhance brand love and develop a stronger association of brands with certain emotional elements, and there is no better way to appreciate a mother’s contribution by making mothers feel loved and appreciated by their own children.

Tang with it’s on-going equity campaign being centered around the love of Mother’s Hands has struck the right cords where they have given the general audience a chance to give a love filled message to their mothers on Mother’s Day itself.

To participate in this free of cost activity, consumers can give a call to the falling number 0344 888 TANG (0344 888 8264) to record a customized message for their mothers. When the call is made it will drop automatically in a couple of seconds and the consumers will get a return call within a minute where they can record a personalized message for their mothers, following which they will be asked to enter the number on which they want the message to be sent (of their Mothers), simultaneously the users will automatically qualify to enter a lucky draw by placing the call and get a chance to win exciting prizes. On the Mother’s Day, the recorded message will be sent to the mothers, hence giving a very specialized experience of love and appreciation from their children.

WhatsApp-Image-20160504 (1).jpg
This is an example of a creative and highly involving execution that is very simple in terms of mechanics but can also work wonders in the long run where a brand goes out of the way to acknowledge the importance of Mothers in the context of our families and society


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