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Realty websites owned and operated by the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) have become the first real estate portals in the world to collaborate with social networking giant Facebook on its latest ‘Save to Facebook’ feature.


The company controls real estate portals across the Middle East and South Asia (MESA) region, including Pakistan’s largest property website and UAE’s


With the click of a button, users can now save their preferred properties on Facebook, analyse listings in an organised manner, and instantly share options with family and friends. They can also reap the benefits of this collaboration from their mobile devices.


Facebook, the most popular social networking medium, boasts very high penetration in the region, so this new feature is perfectly in line with EMPG’s approach of prioritising user experience above all.


“A seamless user experience is our top priority. Our engineering team worked very hard with Facebook’s team, which flew down from Singapore specifically for this. Given the popularity of Facebook among our users, we are confident that it will make property searching even easier,” said Co-CEO Imran Ali Khan. and were also mentioned at the recent F8 conference in San Francisco, where Facebook Vice President of Products Chris Cox named the portals as launching partners for the new products Facebook has recently introduced. EMPG was one of only five launching partners in the region.


“This is just the first of many more collaborations to come,” Khan added. “One thing is certain: we are well on our way to becoming a socially smart portal – which we believe is the need of the hour.”

Really it is a great breakthrough, with this other companies will feel that it is their chances to make it for their own website. I believe is doing wonderful job for everyone whether he is buyer or seller.


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