Karachi Tea festival


Karachi Tea Festival 

A cup of tea is a must for me ! The first ever Tea festival is being held at Karachi from 4th to 6th March 2016 ! It aims to celebrate the culture of Tea, a hot beverage most of the Karachiites cannot function without. With the objective of inspiring people to discover, experience and connect with the adventure of tea, the Tea festival would allow the revival of Karachi and its rich culture.

What Karachi Tea Festival will offer ?

Filled with fun family activities, it promises delight for both the public and the stallholders. All stalls will be prime displaying all the products at their best. Karachi Tea Festival is an ideal platform to showcase your products; the public can tantalize their taste buds with free samples making them come back for more. It provides a forum where tea lovers can come together and celebrate their mutual craze for the traditional hot beverage.

Tea talks will be held with senior journalists and intellectuals promoting how tea has always been a vital part of our lives and how it can bring people together. Not only are there going to be media partners for entertainment but separate media partners  for news will also be there. The official radio partner and print partners are yet to be disclosed.

Karachi Tea Festival will be enriched with desi touch. Don’t forget to join it on upcoming weekend.

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