Nature Lovers and Dawood Foundation Nature Series


Karachi, 10th September, 2015:

On that particular day, I became part of a new team on social media. It makes me to feel some proud, because what the way I am doing all the work since long. It was all because of Dheetness. My friends, Teachers, and Parents always make a fun of it and on my unstoppable engagement at social network websites or community work. They always tried to stop or scatter me about doing things like these (Serving Community on Volunteering basis, wasting a lot of time on social media, organizing events on not for profit basis, making locals aware about their rights, and so on). But I remain “Dheet” and never stopped at any of their messages. I believe remaining a Dheet for a long time is a very tough job in this world. Now Finally I got my “Dheet” friends in one organization “Team Dheet”. From now onwards we all Dheet friends will do wonders in near future. Now a bit about the launch, previously mentioned that I will write something on that wonderful launch. Hats off to Borgata who managed this amazing launch, from welcome to closing, from presentations to executions everything was perfect.



The Dawood Foundation (TDF) announced the launch of the TDF Nature Series, a set of documentaries aimed to raise public awareness about Pakistan’s degrading natural habitat and the urgent steps needed to sustain it for generations to come. The first two films are about two spectacular National Parks, Margalla Hills and Chitral Gol, and the conservation issues related to them. Using multiple elements including BTL and digital, TDF aims to spread the nature conservation message to millions of people in Pakistan and across the world.

These scenic films have been produced by Walkabout Films and are also part of the Give Back Project.
As per UNDP data, Pakistan is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Due to environmental degradation, it increasingly suffers from natural disasters, floods and other catastrophic consequences that lead to loss of incomes, homes and livelihoods. Pakistan has been beset with natural disasters in recent years, which are caused by global climactic changes as well as poor environmental conservation at home, as exemplified by one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. Estimates about Pakistan’s forest cover vary between 2 and 5% against a recommended rate of 20%. These films aim to help mitigate these issues.



Hussain Dawood, Chairman The Dawood Foundation formally launched the TDF Nature Series Campaign. Also present at the event were the Foundation’s trustees, Kulsum Dawood, Shahzada Dawood and Samad Dawood.
While talking about the films, Sabrina Dawood, CEO, The Dawood Foundation, said, “The Nature Series aims to advocate and educate the people about the natural resources, sanctuaries and heritage that exist in our country and challenges faced by both humans and wildlife. There is an urgent need to address the environmental issues and the consequences of the degradation of environment.”

Nisar Malik, CEO, Walkabout Films, said, “Wildlife is an indicator of the health of our planet. Without a healthy planet there can be no future for humans. It is to the infinite credit of The Dawood Foundation that they have the farsightedness and maturity to recognize this. It is through their generosity and support that The Give Back Project can continue to generate the awareness and education needed to help conserve Pakistan’s remarkable natural places.”

The films will be shown by TDF to people across Pakistan through a 100 day tour of 117 villages and cities on a mobile cinema. Documentary screenings will be supplemented by educational sessions that will help local communities understand and resolve their environmental problems. The country-wide screening tour, which looks to engage local communities, is to be supported by screening sessions at various educational institutes affiliated with Give Back Project, a joint venture between TDF and Walkabout. The films, which have been translated into Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and other local languages, will also be available free online.

The team Dheet will come up with many more events in near future so stay connected with me and my team Dheet on facebook or twitter. In the end I want to mention here some beautiful tweets.

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