The Dawood Foundation Nature Series

Karachi: Last evening I was there at launch of #TheNautreSeries by #TheDawoodFoundation at #PC Hotel Karachi. So it was due to share something to you . I am sharing this information which happened since few months. Soon I will be sharing what happened in event in full details in upcoming blog.

The Dawood Foundation has taken up a new initiative to help conserve Pakistan. It has sponsored two beautifully shot videos done by Mr. Nisar Malik (National Geographic). These films are a part of “The Giveback Project” a bigger and wider vision with the same morals and values, to protect highly endangered wildlife and natural habitats of Pakistan.

The Dawood Foundation Nature Series is a set of documentary films which aim to showcase the diverse flora, fauna and landscape which Pakistan is blessed with, the fragility of the ecosystems, and the challenges faced by the land and its wildlife due to human intrusions. Two films, Margalla Hills National Park and Chitral Gol National Park, are currently in production. These spectacular documentaries will be translated into regional languages and televised nationwide for maximum coverage. Development of two more films is also planned in 2015-16.

The Foundation has a legacy of carrying out many educational projects that involves the construction of facilities for schools and colleges.. The Dawood Foundation wanted to take the E education project forward, but there were other issues in its implementation. Getting children to use the tablet on a regular basis, ensuring that the equipment remained safe, the high costs, were creating barriers in creating the kind of dissemination that were needed. These documentaries about the environment, of documenting our natural heritage… our national parks will make it easier for everyone to witness Paksiatn’s beauty. These present a Pakistan so different to the one that we so regularly see in our daily lives. Peaceful, serene, lush rolling plains. Vast blue skies, tall trees and cute cuddly bears and the interaction between the people and their habitat. Dawood Foundation believes, this is what our children need to see need. There is virtually no information of our natural landscape on film. Average Pakistanis are too afraid to venture to these areas due security reasons, lack of facilities or means or just because they don’t know it exists. Dawood Foundation imagines people looking at awe at the wonders of nature. The foundation imagines our diplomats sharing these visuals with foreigners and our school children seeing their geography lessons come alive.

Walkabout films headed by the highly talented Nisar Malik had created something phenomenal. Wondrous screenings of Pakistan captured in perpetuity could be broadcasted on TV and on the net to watch free of cost for all. An amazing way to bring environmental education and knowledge of conservation to people about Pakistan, here and abroad. No buildings, no boundaries, no management.

These films were launched at the special screening on the 12th of August. The special screening was hosted personally by Mr. Hussain Dawood and Ms. Sabrina Dawood as a get together for all the Counsel Generals, Diplomats and CEO’s which would start the beginning of the this 5 month Campaign, “The Dawood Foundation Nature Series”.

Another Launch event was done at The Dawood Foundation School premises, by the end of August to host a special screening for all the representatives from reputed educational faculties. That was an internal event hosted by Ms. Sabrina Dawood herself.

Currently the scheduled activations for the campaign include, 2 floats, to travel all around Pakistan and reach out even the rural areas, and do special screenings by the help of projectors and screens. The float activation started by the 16th of August.

Secondly there was Mall activations during the weekend of 14th August e.g. 13th, 14th and 15th August, where Brand Ambassadors were placed in all the leading malls, in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to give out brochures, information and live screening done as well.


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