Power of Social Media

Few years ago, we all were remained isolated from this social media thing. Once it came in the existence , it emerged as a new market or medium for masses to interact. Few took it as a negative and got negative out of it, but some of them took this as a positive initiative for their positive work, and made this tool very useful for them.

Power of Social Media

Last Year I have created a WhatsApp group called “Rotaract Leaders” . During initial periods it was only the group where Rotaractors of the world are being added by me and chit chat started by the fellow Rotaractors, but after few months this group became very active by the induction few energetic Rotaractors around the world.

Rotaract Leaders

Now this group will lead the Grand Rotaract Project , which will be none bigger than Rotary Polio Initiatives. We are planning to have a clean-up drive to make this environment a clean, safe & healthy for we all , who are living in it. Meanwhile I got the partner for this project a Rotaractor from Rotaract Club of Thane Green City Deepika S. Shetty. Now we are 40 clubs around the world on board and still counting. Time will come when our rotary & Rotaract will take it as a Grand Rotaract Project.

here is the list of those clubs who are with us:

1. Rotaract Club of Larkana RID 3271 Pakistan (Host Club)
2. RAC Thane Green City RID 3140 India  (Host Club) 

3. RAC Multimedia University RID 9212 Kenya
4. RAC IoBM RID 3271 Pakistan
5. RAC Nawabshah KnighRiders RID 3271 Pakistan
6. RAC Jhang Saddar RID 3272 Pakistan
7. RAC Abbotabad RID 3272 Pakistan
8. RAC Andheri RID 3140 India
9. RAC Jukat RID 9212 Kenya
10. RAC Soaring Monks RID 3180 India
11. RAC Harare West RID Zimbabwe
12. RAC Ekiti State University RID 9125
13. RAC Kolhapur RID 3170 India
14. RAC Bangalore Jayanagar RID 3190 India
15. RAC Hyderabad 3271 Pakistan
16. RAC Federal University of Technology Oweri RID 9140 Nigeria
17. RAC Khairpur RID3271 Pakistan
18. RAC Grand Cayman, RID 7020, Cayman Islands
19. RAC Khairpur Green City RID 3271 Pakistan.
20. RAC Egbeda D9110 Nigeria
21. RAC Nipani RID 3170
22. Rac hupari dist 3170 india
23. RAC El Progreso D-4250 Honduras
24. RAC belize city. Dist 4250
25. RAC Guatemala Sur D4250
26. RAC Mapusa -(Goa) RID 3170 InDIA
27. Rotaract benque viejo rid 4250
28. RAC SGI ( Kolhapur India)
29. RAC chikodi RID 3170
30. RAC kumta 3170
31. RAC Panjim (Goa) RID 3170 INDIA
32. RAC Curchorem Sanvordem (goa) RID 3170 INDIA
33. RAC Kolhapur Midtown Phoenix Rid 3170 India
34. RAC Venugram, Belgaum RID 3170 India
35. RAC San Pedro Sula, Honduras D-4250
36. RAC mangalam RID- 3202 ,Tamilnadu
37. RAC Buxar – RID 3250
38.RAC mohali ,RID 3080

39. RAC Badulla 3220 Srilanka


Rtr Hamadullah Sohu


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