Pakistan as a Nation

Unity Faith Discipline
Pakistan as a Nation

Pakistan became an independent country in 1947, but we all are still thinking that are we independent ?

Are we be able to celebrate Independence in a proper way ?

Are we United ?

Are we disciplined ?

Are we believe in faith ?

and so on

We as a nation never ever remain united. We as a nation never ever remained disciplined . We never ever thought about this independence a gift of God to our nation.

Many reasons for that , our politicians, our educationalist , our media & so on they all are the culprits. But most of all them is our self, we are the culprits we never ever took responsibility on individual basis. Once we all will take every work as an individual responsibility . Than the positive change will come to this nation, otherwise we all will remain same as Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Muhajir, Saraiki, Pakhtoon, Pathan , Hazara, Potohari.

We as a nation has to think & think positive.

I believe that day will come soon.


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